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Earth Day Celebration:

Students of DAV Public School, Samana Celebrated the mother Earth DAy on 22-04-2020. A speech was given by the Science teacher on this ocassion. Students and Parents listened to this speech at home (Due to Covid - 19) PPT was also presented to the students to create awareness among students about mother earth. Aim of the acitivity was to generate awareness in students to make this planet more happier and green.


Tree Plantation Drive :-

Students of D.A.V. Public School , Samana sanitized society about the need of hour i.e. to protect our environment by planting trees, organized by Eco- Club of the School.  Tiny Tots of Class LKG Actively Participated in this drive to contribute towards clean and green environment under the guidance of their respective parents .Each Students planted one sapling comprising of Rica Palm and other plants of their own choice.   Investing hopes on a green future.

Cleanliness Report-  

Students of class 8th and NCC  Cadets of D.A.V. Samana performed this activity of by staying at home and helping their parents under the guidance of Eco –Club and A.N.O. of our school. These students performed various tasks such as dusting, cleaning of windows and separation of waste material and many other. The main aim of this activity was to create awareness among students for cleaning their surroundings and helping their respective parents. All the students participated with full enthusiasm.  This activity generated the feeling of keeping  their surrounding clean among students.

Best Out of Waste & Waste Management

Under the banner of Eco Club the school organised an activity named “BEST OUT OF WASTE & WASTE MANAGEMENT” for classes 6th and 12th.The main aim of this activity was to raise awareness among students regarding not to throw used things which can be used in different ways like decorative pieces, storage boxes etc. All the students participated very enthusiastically and made beautiful useful materials by using waste material and uses of 5R’s were also explained to the students of class 6th Class 12th students made beautiful Rangoli and Decorative materials for the same.This major aim of the activity was to give message of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle too.

Nature Walk and Nature Watch

Eco Club of DAV Public School, Samana organised an activity named as “NATURE WALK AND NATURE WATCH” for the Tiny Tots of class 1st and 2nd  (at their home by keeping in mind about Covid – 19). The main aim of this activity was to make the students friendly with nature. Students participated in the activity very enthusiastically. They went in the nearby park with their parents and observe the different types of flowers, trees etc. During morning walk and evening walk they also saw the sun rise and sun set & beautiful birds with their musical sound and also observed that how beautiful our nature is.

This major aim of the activity was to give message that our life is colourless without nature.


Under the banner of Eco Club, an activity was organised on the occasion of Diwali named “ SAY NO TO CRACKERS” in which  the students of  class 9th  made impressive Rangoli at their home (Due to covid -19) with a massage ‘ SAY NO TO CRACKERS ‘ for encouraging the celebration of Eco Friendly Diwali on 14th November,2020.

This inculcates in them the urgent need of the hour to keep our environment pollution free. They conveyed the message of ECO FRIENDLY DIWALI and promoted the requirement of saving environment.


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