(Senior Secondary) Affiliated to CBSE - 1630571, New Delhi 110055.
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Teaching Faculty  






Type of Appointment



 1. Dr. Mohan Lal Sharma Principal B.A, M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed, Ph.D Regular Trained
2. Mrs. Harpreet Nagpal PGT B.A, M.A, B.ED Regular Trained


Mrs. Amita Walia




B.A, M.A, B.Ed,


Regular Trained


Mrs. Reeta Rani T.G.T  B.A, M.A (Dance) Regular Trained


Mr. Ramphal Mehla




B.A, M.A , B.P.Ed Regular Trained
6. Ms. Rita Rani T.G.T B.Sc, B.Ed, PGDCA, PSTET II Regular Trained
7. Mrs. Anuradha Verma T.G.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed, STET, CTET Regular Trained
8. Mr. Rahul Kumar Sharma T.G.T M.C.A Probation Trained
9. Mrs. Simranjit Kaur T.G.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed,   CTET I Probation Trained
10. Mr. Amrik Singh T.G.T B.A, M.A, UGC NET Probation Trained
11. Mrs. Karamjeet Kaur P.R.T B.A, B.Ed Regular Trained


Mrs. Satnam Kaur P.R.T B.A, M.A , B.Ed, UGC NET, CTET II Regular Trained
13. Shelly Bhargava P.R.T B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed Regular Trained
14. Ripen Chandra P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed Regular Trained


Mrs. Kamaldeep Kaur P.R.T B.Sc, B.Ed , PGDCA, M.Sc (I.T) Regular Trained
16. Mrs. Vandana Gupta P.R.T B.Com, B.Ed, CTET II Regular Trained


Ms. Silki Yadav P.R.T B.A ,B.Ed, CTET II Regular Trained
18. Mrs. Sapna Garg P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PGDCA Regular Trained
19. Mrs. Manvi Kapoor P.R.T B.Sc, B.Ed, CTET I, II Regular Trained


Mrs. Neelam Goel P.R.T B.A, M.A , B.Ed Regular Trained
21. Mrs. Maneesha P.R.T B.Com, B.Ed, CTET I, PSTET II Regular Trained
22. Mrs. Bharti Saini P.R.T B.Com, M.Com, B,Ed, HTET Regular Trained
23. Mrs. Vidushi Sood P.R.T M.Sc, B.Ed, PSTET II Regular Trained
24. Mrs. Rishu Ghai P.R.T

B.A, M.A, B.Ed,


Regular Trained
25. Mrs. Meetu Jain P.R.T B.Com, M.Com,B.Ed, HTET I Regular Trained


Mrs. Sheetal Mohini P.R.T B.A, M.A , B.Ed, CTET II Regular Trained


Mrs. Karamjit Devi P.R.T B.A, M.A , B.Ed , CTET I Regular Trained
28. Mrs. Seema Rani P.R.T B.A, M.A , B.Ed , CTET I,II Probation Trained
29. Mrs. Neeraj Dhiman  P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, CTET II Probation Trained
30. Mrs. Gursharan Kaur P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed,  CTET  Probation Trained
31. Mr. Vinod Kumar P.R.T B.Sc, D.P.Ed, M.P.Ed. Probation Trained
32. Mr. Satish Kumar P.R.T

B.A, M.Sc, B.Ed,



Probation Trained
33. Mr.Charanjot Singh P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, CTET, PSTET Probation Trained
34. Ms. Manjinder Kaur PGT B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc Contractual Trained
35. Ms. Swati Sharma PGT B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed Contractual Trained
36. Mr. Ajay Vohra PGT B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed, LLB Contractual Trained
37. Mr. Vineet Jood PGT B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed Contractual Trained
38. Mr. Raja Robin TGT B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PSTET Contratual Trained
39. Ms. Meenu Goyal TGT B.A, B.Ed, M.A Contractual Trained
40. Ms. Kamna Rani T.G.T B.A, B.Ed, M.Sc Contractual Trained
41. Ms. Sakshi Kumari T.G.T B.A, B.Ed, M.Sc Contractual Trained
42. Mr. Mayank Sharma T.G.T B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed Contractual Trained
43. Mr. Rahul Goyal T.G.T B.Sc, B.Ed, PSTET-II Contractual Trained
44. Mr. Basim Akram T.G.T B.A, M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed Contractual Trained
45. Mr. Avtar Singh TGT B.A, B.Ed, CTET-II Contractual Trained
46. Mr. Gurpreet Singh TGT B.A, M.A, B.Ed, CTET-II, PSTET-II, HTET-II Contractual Trained
47. Mr. Varinder Singh TGT

B.Tech, B.Ed, CTET-II,


Contractual Trained
48. Ms. Minakshi TGT BCA, MCA, HTET-II Contractual Trained
49. Ms. Bindu Chhabra T.G.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D, UGC NET Contractual Trained
50. Ms. Shivani Chawla T.G.T B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed (Persuing) Contractual Trained
51. Ms. Preeti Rani P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, M.A, PGDCA Contractual Trained
52. Mr. Karanpreet Singh P.R.T B.A, B.Ed Contractual Trained
53. Ms. Seema Verma P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, M.Sc, CTET II Contractual Trained
54. Mr. Gurpreet Singh P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, CTET-I,II Contractual Trained
55. Ms. Jyotika Chadha P.R.T B.Sc, B.Ed Contractual Trained
56. Ms. Meenakshi Rani P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, PSTET-II, HTET-II Contractual Trained
57. Ms. Sunita Kumari P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PGDCA, CTET II Contractual Trained
58. Ms. Anita Rani P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, NTT, CTETII Contractual Trained
59. Ms. Rajwinder Kaur P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, CTET II, PSTET II Contractual Trained
60. Ms. Seema Rani P.R.T

B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PTT, NTT, 


Contractual Trained
61. Ms.Jaspreet Kaur P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, M.A, DCB Contractual Trained
62. Ms. Jagdeep Kaur P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PGDCA Contractual Trained
63. Ms. Shveta P.R.T B.Tech, M.Tech Contractual Trained
64. Ms. Deepika Gupta P.R.T B.Com, M.C.A Contractual Trained
65. Ms. Manju Sharma P.R.T B.A, MSc(IT), PGDCA Contractual Trained
66. Ms. Rajni Rani P.R.T

B.A, M.A, B.Ed, DCA,


Contractual Trained
67. Ms. Mandeep Kaur P.R.T B.P.E, B.P.Ed Contractual Trained
68. Ms. Virpal Kaur P.R.T

B.A, M.A(Fine Arts), M.A,

Diploma in Art & Craft

Contractual Trained
69. Ms. Shifali Bhandari P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, NTT Contractual Trained
70. Ms. Rajni Bajaj P.R.T BBA, MBA, DCA, NTT Contractual Trained
71. Ms. Sunita P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, M.Sc(IT), CTET-II  Contractual Trained
72. Ms.Pooja P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, NTT Contractual Trained


Mrs. Pooja Singla P.R.T B.A, B.Ed, NTT Contractual Trained
74. Ms. Amandeep Sharma P.R.T B.A, M.B.A Contractual Trained
75. Ms. Kusum Rani P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PSTET-I, CTET-II Contractual Trained

Ms. Kiran Bala P.R.T B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PSTET-II, CTET-II Contractual Trained
77. Ms. Shallu P.R.T


M.A(Indian Classical Dance)

Contractual Trained
78. Ms. Ritu Sharma



B.A, Computer Basics Contractual Trained
79. Ms. Tejinder Kaur P.R.T B.A, B.ED, M.A,  PSTET II Contractual Trained
80. Ms Kamlesh Rani P.R.T

B.Com, M.A, E.T.T, B.Ed, CTET I,   


Contractual Trained